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SIMUL8 2016

Version 2016 (Build3341)

  • ヘルプボタンからブラウザを起動してSIMUL8社のHelp Centerへの接続の改善
  • Depending on the arrival sequence Variable Collect without “Do Not Collect Until All Available” sometimes locked up the activity – fixed
  • Fixed a bug in Variable Collect that now means it can be used without “Do Not Collect Until All Available” (as intended)
  • XML support for Variable Collect
  • Simulation Object Unique IDs had been found to change in a few rare cases. This has been eliminated to make them easier to use with external products

SIMUL8 2014

Version 2014 (Build3168)

  • Fixes an issue with empty Resource Schedules when length of day not an exact number of hours.
  • Resource individuality was not being saved.
  • Paths and Vehicle XML extended.
  • Fixed VL deletion of resources that were used in activity resource priorities.
  • Minor improves and bug fixes.

SIMUL8 2013

Version 2013 (Build2992)

  • Improvements made to new Excel Connections for simulation portability.
  • New Call Center images to use in your simulations.
  • Added DXF support in new AutoCAD import options.
  • New contextual ribbon tabs for Work Item State Charts.
  • Work Item State Charts – Transitioning into a state can now trigger an arrival at a start point.
  • Work Item State Charts – New transition types: “Elapsed Time” and “Time of Day”.
  • Added a master switch for Visual Verification for faster toggling of options.
  • Easier to change names of Work Item States and their underlying labels.
  • Fixed issues with the Visual Logic code editor window acting not as intended.
  • Plus many more bug fixes and stability improves to 2013 features.

SIMUL8 2012

Version 2012 (Build2827)

  • Added Google Warehouse browser for importing 3D scenes
  • Added up/down arrows to rearrange Resource list
  • Added Visual Logic populated section markers
  • Fixed an issue with breakpoints in Visual Logic
  • Fixed an issue with the Results Panel preferences
  • Fixed issue of clock disappearing from screen
  • Improved speed and visibility of work items in 3D
  • Fixed an issue with the column and row being mixed up in spreadsheet custom dialogs
  • New 3D contextual ribbon for improved ease of use
  • Fixed an issue with quitting from Visual Logic or COM
  • 3D now supports Resource moves with Work Item
  • Added Conveyor support in 3D along with a default 3D model
  • Fixed an issue where some spreadsheet Visual Logic functions wouldn’t work as expected on empty spreadsheets
  • New Visual Logic command – “Working Days Between”
  • High Level Analytics Panel improvements
  • Simulation Assistant now disabled in SIMUL8 Viewer
  • Fixed an issue where Vehicle results couldn’t be added to the KPI Summary
  • Visual Logic code block speed improves

SIMUL8 2011

Version 2011 (Build2609)

  • Fixed issue with dragging objects in 3D with the camera very close to the floor
  • 3D objects auto rotate on import
  • Fix for not being able to drop drawing objects on simulation window
  • Fixed some problems with Sub-Windows overlapping right hand dock windows
  • Result collection period time on ribbon now rounds better and displays in appropriate formats
  • Old clock now stays correct size when moved around screen
  • Reversed naming of “open as tab” on sub-windows to make it more logical
  • Improved alignment for Sub-Windows on tabs
  • Floating windows now don’t appear when file tab is open
  • QuickView shortcut key not associated with F11
  • Custom report selection tree now refreshes when you open custom reports from ribbon
  • Free edit mode now accepts IF NOT statements
  • VL could create a link from a Resource to another object type – now protected against
  • Currently tabbed window was not being remembered on save/load
  • Size / position of the clock was not being remembered on save/load

SIMUL8 2010

Version 2010 (Build2484)

  • New chart features